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Help For Addictions

The Bible offers hope for anyone addicted, whether that is to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, food, or any host of things.  Setting Captives Free is an organization intended to help those who find themselves addicted.  Courses are free and include the following:

The Way of Purity Course
The goal of this 60-Day interactive course is your complete, final way to find freedom from pornography and sexual impurity of any kind.

Purity Challenge
Are you a teen-ager? This 30-Day interactive course will teach you, help you, equip you to live a life of purity and power!

Higher Stakes
The purpose of this course is to help you to be entirely free from gambling and betting, and to find the true joy and delight that comes from turning to Jesus Christ.

Substance Abuse
New Wine
This 60-Day interactive course will help you drink deeply of the “New Wine” that satisfies the heart, and thereby find freedom from drinking and drugs.
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The Breath of Life
Find freedom from smoking. This 60-Day interactive course will take your breath away. Your smoker's breath that is. And then God's Word will "breathe new life" into you.

Food Issues
The Lord's Table
This 60-Day interactive course will teach you to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord and how to find freedom from bad eating habits.

Sexual Purity
Libertad Pura
Un curso interactivo de 60 dias, que le ensenara a disfrutar de una nueva relacion con el Senor y como encontrar la libertad como ser libres del yugo de la impureza sexual.

Puerta de Esperanza
"Jesús dijo, 'Yo soy la puerta'"
(Juan 10:7).
Este curso interactivo de 60 días le enseñará a disfrutar de una nueva relación con el Señor y le ayudará a liberarse de la homosexualidad. Es posible, y puede aprender cómo hacerlo.